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Equity Update April 2019 San Diego

Equity Update April 2019 San Diego

An Incredible Time for Home Sellers!

Hi there, Betsy Heller, Achiever’s Realty, coming to you with a quick 30 seconds on what’s going on with the market, right now, in June of 2020.

We’re seeing a 30-day average that is above the list price for sale price. It’s actually at 100.8%. So marketing your home at market value, you’re still selling it above, which is great news, and at a median days on market of 12 days. What that means to you, the seller, is that you not only control price, but you’re also controlling the terms of the market. So do you need a rent back? Do you need time to find that next home?

Now’s the time, when those buyers are willing to give you the concessions and the flexibility, to maybe move out of area, to maybe take your time to find the home that you want. Now’s the time. Look forward to talking to you soon.

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