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3 Things That Every Seller Must Know When Home Selling

3 Things That Every Seller Must Know When Home Selling

If you are thinking of selling your home, there are a some important things that you should know. The process can be complicated so it is important to be prepared. Here are three things you need to know when selling your home.

1.Know the condition of your home:

How well do you really know the condition of your home? For example, have you already received an updated termite report? How often do you use your air conditioning or your water softener system? Do they need to be serviced? Do they really work okay? 

Whatever it may be, you most likely need to have those things tested and really know the condition of the various different systems of your home so that you are prepared to say, “Yes, everything really does work.” This includes having a termite report ahead of time if you are concerned about Dryrod. There are some repairs that you must prepare for before officially putting your home in the market. Your realtor should help you identify the main areas of concern to give you top dollar. 

By getting these things tested and having repairs done beforehand, you can avoid a headache later down the road.

2. Know how to properly price your home:

Keep the following things in mind when setting a price for your home. Account for all of the upgrades that you have done to your home since you purchased it. Make sure to have your realtor pull comps of the homes sold in your area to fairly compare your home’s value.

You have all heard the famous phrase, location. The price will take this into account because of the market’s dependency upon comps. We will be looking at the active, pending  (homes under contract),  and sold homes from within the last 90 days. This is what an appraiser will look at when trying to determine the value of your home for a loan.

When a buyer comes to you and is planning on using a loan, you will want to have the price based upon this. Taking all of this into account with affect the comps for your neighbor’s home next door, as well as those that are a few blocks away. Upgrades will affect these comps. I can create a customized comp chart for you.

3. Know the power of marketing:

Now, marketing is the variable that you cannot really control. It’s what I do to drive eyeballs and traffic to your home. It really boils down to kind of a math formula. X correlates to Y, which correlates to Z. And X are the number of different ways that I work to get traffic to your home and to have people see it online.

The online marketing is different for all of the websites that we syndicate to. We continue to drive this traffic up with social media and targetted ads. We utilize Matterport to create 3D virtual tours, alongside walkthrough video tours. This is complemented by professional photography and staging. We also hold mega open houses with catering to encourage more people to see it in person. All of these things are what help drive the traffic and positively correlates with the amount of appointments your house will receive.  

Make sure that you have a realtor that you trust to be in charge of your marketing campaign. We structure our marketing campaign to make sure that your house gets as much foot traffic and attention as possible! We do this through our detailed marketing plans on our website, every 3rd party real estate website, and social media campaigns. We implement our highly successful 3D video house tours, professional photography, and video walkthroughs into these plans.


These are the three things that you need to know when getting ready to sell your home. The condition of your home, the price, and marketing. Out of all of these, you get to control two out of three. The condition and the price are items that I will recommend, but ultimately you get to make the decision. The marketing is the part that I do for you.

As always, you can call me for any help that you need. My number is shown below. Look forward to talking with you.

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