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1031 exchanges

1031 exchanges

We help real estate investors leverage 1031 exchange laws to
maximize their portfolios and save money

As you make your way along in real estate investment your needs will change over time.  Perhaps you need more cash flow and want to buy at the next level, or want to take advantage of the market and sell a property or your entire portfolio.  

Like any financial asset that appreciates in value, capital gains taxes will apply to the appreciated value of your asset.  The best way to defer the tax on the proceeds of your investment is to execute an IRS section 1031 like-kind exchange, more commonly called a 1031 exchange.  Our deep experience in guiding clients through these transactions, and our thorough understanding of the local investment landscape, will help you achieve your goals.


We are experts in selling your original property and finding you a replacement that will meet your needs:

  • Increased cash flow and rate of return
  • Managing mature estates towards a more secure future


How we can help:

  1. Property Search: We locate a like-kind property that meets your investment goal and complies with the IRS.
  2. Preparation for the sale of your property: We execute the necessary paperwork and real estate agreements to properly structure your 1031 exchange, including reverse exchange options.
  3. Providing Services: We connect you with established and trustworthy agencies to safeguard your money following the sale of a property until you close on the replacement.


Whether you are ready to buy today or are planning for the years ahead, we would love to answer any questions about your real estate investment portfolio.  

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